Apple Waterproof Headphone Claim Seven Customer

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The United States’ seven customers living in different cities claim that the headphones do not have the same charges according to Apple’s advertising. Apple in advertisement claimed “the headphones are waterproof and sweat proof too” but in reality, it’s not correct.

The judge has given the opinion that it needs to bring change in the claim of waterproof or sweat proof issue. He also added that it can be forward on the challenge to take time to turn the battery charge.

“On the other hand, apple demand to dismiss all of the allegations against them”  BBC reports.

The case can be forwarded according to Richard Seibarg, the district judge of United States.  Though the company has promoted that the device is wearable at the time of working, it stops working in touch of sweat.  It needs to bring change in such allegation.


The judge said the allegation made against the company on the issue of waterproof or sweat proof was not clearly explained whether the customers were sweating or not when they use headphones. “The charge of the battery did not support the company demand in their advertisement” claimed the customers.

Apple has promoted that Apple Powerbits2 Headphones contains “six hours rechargeable battery’. And the battery life has been promoted “maximum 12 hours” in case of Powerbits3.

All of the seven customers demand that they have bought multiple power bits headphone but it is a matter of sorrow that no headphone can fulfill their desired requirements.

According to the court verdict which was published on May 16, one of the seven customers has changed five times powerbits2 headphone but all of them failed to take charge and once it stopped to run or being switched off. After that the customer namely Christopher Bezell has bought two Powerbits3 headphones but he had to face same problem. The customer said that one of Apple’s customer service providers has informed that it may be cause of damaging powerbits due to sweat.

If such type of complains be filed more against the renewable company Apple, it will lost its popularity along with good will. Al ready its rating is down to 1.5 star marks in Apple Store for powerbits.